Positive Body Image

In today’s world there is those who believe whether male or female you should look a certain way. There are extremist in every group that are very hard on others. There’s a huge difference between being body positive and having a positive body image. Unfortunately the whole body positive movement has went towards body shaming from all sides, when it was originally started to include people of all sizes and body types to build self-esteem in people and to help show others that you do not need to look like some model off of Instagram. Sadly, the hashtag #bodypositivity has taken a negative turn. People who support body positivity are now supporting unhealthy habits in people, when it shouldn’t be so much about what you look like but should bring in the factor of “how healthy are you at your size”, meaning if you are overweight are you healthy? If you are thin, are you healthy? If you are fit, does that mean you are healthy? There are several factors that should go into deciding this, including regular visits with your primary care physician and routine yearly blood work.

These IG influencers that support the #bodypositivity movement that are overweight show themselves as eating processed foods from Starbucks or McDonalds and saying that it is ok to eat like this, when in fact it is truly not.

But instead of telling you why these things are unhealthy (you can go to my Nutrition 101 page for more information on this), I want to share a couple of pieces about how to develop a more positive body image and how to model this image for others including our youth to learn from. So over the next few weeks I will be releasing different articles about how to do just this.

Article 1: 10 Steps To Positive Body Image

Article 2: Developing and Modeling Positive Body Image

(Other articles will be later to come)

Its important to know that not everyone is the same. That its between you and your doctor if you are actually healthy for your body type or are their things that can be done to help get you to a healthier state of being.

It isn’t a competition between you and other people, it is a competition between you and yourself only. To be the best that you know that you can be no matter at what stage of life or what stage of health and fitness you are at.